1. Hello people of Tumblr. If you have the time, check out a web series I am working on called Vinyl Asides. Me and a buddy are currently driving across the US filming record collectors and making five minute video profiles of their private collections. So, if you are interested in eclectic music and eccentric people, then you may like the videos. 

    Check us out at http://www.cooperkenward.com/vinyl-asides/

    Sorry for the shameless plug. 

  2. Just in time for Record Store Day, the first episode of Vinyl Asides is up. 

    Vinyl Asides is a video project that attempts to document the people behind important vinyl collections, and to shed light on the role they play as educators, producers and curators of kick-ass tunes.


  3. The Undisputed Truth - Space Machine

  4. The Esquires - How Could It Be

  5. Pattie Labelle & The Bluebells - (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count The Days

  7. The Jimmy Castor Bunch - E-Man Groovin’

  8. Allen Toussaint - Electricity

  9. Ponderosa Twins Plus One - Bound

  10. George Perkins & The Silver Stars “Cryin’ In The Streets”